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Our Products

ABS Case Current Transformer

This current transformer is highly temperature resistant and fire proof glass-filled thermoplastic casing. These current transformers are used for locating near high-temperature areas. It is compact, sturdy and economical in design. It is made of a top quality material, flame retarding and self extinguishing.

Ring Type Transformer

Ring type transformer

Ring type metering current transformer  is available from 50 /5 to 3000/5. The output and accuracy increases with increased ratio. This type is selected because of its mechanical strength and economical. This is offered in a tape insulated construction.

Rectangular Type Current Transformer

Rectangular type transformer

THIS TYPE IS AVAILABLE FROM 50/5 TO 3000/5. It is like ring type transformer but, tape insulated construction is in a rectangular model.

Protection Type Current Transformer

Protection Type Transformer

Protection type current transformer and special protection type current transformer comes under tape insulated construction as in ring and rectangular type CT’s. This comes under specification 10P3, 5P10, 10P3, PS class. 

Resin Cast Type Current Transformer

Resin Cast Type Transformer

Resin cast type current transformer is like normal CT’s but the only difference is moulding. Instead of tape wound, these types of CT’s are moulded with EPOSY resin to withstand in high temperature areas. This type of CT’s are normally used for locating near high temperature area’s like electrical furnaces, wovens, heat producing equipments.

Control Transformer/Voltage Transformer

All the above said transformers are designed to achieve an accurate voltage ratio constant within fine limits over its load range.
It is commonly used to supply instruments such as voltmeters, voltage coils on wattmeters, protective relays, and the like.
It finds uses for stepping up very low voltages for ease of measurement and stepping down very high voltages to low levels for safety in measurement.
These transformers are used in all industries for the purpose of conversion of voltage irrespective of the load range with primary and secondary windings.
Battery charger transformer is used for the purpose of charging batteries.