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We are engaged in manufacturing of low tension current, control and voltage transformer required for electrical panel board under the brand name “RR” across India. Control panel manufacturer, switchgear manufacturers, electrical contractors, electrical dealers, etc uses our products. The company offers these electrical current/control/voltage transformers under the standard specification as per the customer specification.

Recently the company has come out with the manufacture of electronic chokes required for tube light.

Current Transformer

What Is We Do?

Current Transformer Design

We have 25 years of experience in designing CT for various customers across India, which gives us the confidence to say that we are one of the leading CT manufacturers in India.

We manufacture products based on customer requirements. Our custom range of CT includes:

  • Protection type CT
  • Ring type CT
  • WPL type CT
  • Rectangle type CT
  • Resin cast CT
  • ABS case CT

Voltage transformer design

We manufacture VT designs throughout India in various sizes. Various state governments and central governments have approved our design.

We have years of experience and vast knowledge in designing Voltage transformers, which makes us one of the leading manufactures of voltage transformers.